Lipedema Knees Before and After


Welcome to our Lipedema Knees Before and After gallery, where we highlight the amazing transformations of women who have undergone Lipedema liposuction to remove Lipedema tissue affecting the knee area. This page shows the positive changes and improved quality of life experienced by these wonderful, strong women.

Understanding Lipedema in the Knee Area

Lipedema can manifest in various areas of the body, including the knees. Individuals with Lipedema concentrated in the knee area often face discomfort, swelling and mobility challenges. Lipedema knees are a telltale sign of Lipedema and is often the reason why many women set out on their journey to get a diagnosis. This specific focus on Lipedema in the knees allows us to explore how tailored treatments can lead to remarkable outcomes.

Lipedema Stage 2 Knees

Before and After Transformations

I hope to raise awareness with these inspiring before and after photos of ladies who have undergone surgery to address Lipedema in their knees. These images offer a true representation of the improvements that can be achieved with the right interventions. They are not only aesthetic improvements, but more importantly an improvement in the patient’s quality of life.

Treatment Options

Managing Lipedema in the knee area involves specialised measures. These may include:

  • Liposuction: Liposuction techniques designed for Lipedema can effectively reduce excess fat deposits around the knee area, resulting in improved contour and reduced swelling.
  • Compression Garments: The use of compression garments can help reduce swelling and provide support to the knee region.
  • Physical Therapy: Physical therapy exercises may be recommended to enhance knee mobility and strengthen supporting muscles.

Effective management of Lipedema in the knees not only enhances the appearance but also contributes to enhanced mobility and a better overall quality of life.

Lipedema Stage 2 Knees and Thighs

Finding Relief and Confidence

The stories of individuals who have successfully managed Lipedema in their knee area serve as a source of relief and confidence. Witnessing their transformations can inspire hope in others facing similar challenges and encourage them to seek appropriate care.

Before and After Lipedema Stage 2 Knees & Lower Legs

Before and After Lipedema Stage 2 Knees & Lower Legs - 2

Above is a 30 year old stage 2 Lipedema sufferer from the UK, who travelled to Lipemedical in Madrid for life changing WAL Liposuction surgery. The first before and after shows her results after one surgery on her lower legs, and the second is after two surgeries on her lower legs and upper legs. 

Lipedema Knees Before and After Surgery

Above is a 31 year old with stage 2 Lipedema, the before and after shows the difference after one Lipedema Liposuction surgery.

I’d like to express my gratitude to the women who have shared their Lipedema Knees Before and After photos. Their openness and commitment to supporting and inspiring those on their own Lipedema journey is inspiring.

Disclaimer: My blogs talk about Lipedema, diet, surgery and much more. I’m talking from my point of view to help women, and remind them they are not alone. I am not a medical professional, so the content above is from my own perspective with research I have done into the topic. It’s not meant as medical advice, you should always consult your doctor or a specialist for both your diagnosis, and a treatment plan.