My Favourite Lipedema Products

Welcome to a guide of my favourite Lipedema products for managing and living with stage 2  Lipedema.

As someone who has been navigating the daily challenges of this condition for 17 years, I’ve experimented with numerous products – from compression garments to vibration plates – that promise relief and support.

Here’s a list of my top picks that have truly made a difference to my symptoms and overall wellbeing. Whether you’re new to the world of Lipedema or looking to enhance your current regime, I hope you find these products helpful in making your journey a little easier and more comfortable.

Sophie xx

* Please bare in mind that the Lipedema products listed below work for me and my Lipedema, but may not work for you and yours. Every body is unique and it’s about finding the most effective ways to manage your condition. Please consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating any new products or supplements into your routine. 

Compression Garments

Wearing compression garments regularly is believed to be the one of the best methods of slowing down or preventing the progression of Lipedema symptoms. I wear mine pretty much every day. Women with Lipedema, especially those of us who’ve had surgery, require made to measure compression garments which need to be prescribed by a vascular specialist.

However if you’re looking for a pair to tide you over until you manage to get some made-to-measure compression, click here. And for off the shelf arm compression, click here.

Compression Garments for Lipedema


Rebounding involves bouncing on a mini-trampoline, it’s a low-impact exercise that offers various benefits for women with Lipedema. Some of the benefits include: improved lymphatic drainage, enhanced circulation, gentle on joints, weight management and stress reduction.

My rebounder is from bellicon and I absolutely love it! Just 10 minutes a day can help with common Lipedema symptoms such as pain, swelling and heaviness. It encourages blood circulation, enhances metabolic rate and can aid in gently toning and strengthening muscles. To check out the range of customisable bellicon rebounders, click here.

bellicon Rebounder

Vibration Plate

A vibration plate stimulates the body’s muscles using high-frequency vibrations. Research shows that circulation, muscle strength and fitness can all be improved as a result of the rapid contraction and relaxation induced in the muscles.

This is especially true for women with Lipedema, vibrotherapy is great for the lymphatic system and considerably improves the effectiveness of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD). Some benefits include: weight loss, improved circulation, reduction of varicose vein symptoms, less swelling and pain, and improved bone density. To view the vibration plate I use at home, click here.

Vibration Plate for Lipedema

Red Light Therapy Lamp

Red Light Therapy for women with Lipedema targets two key aspects of the condition – improving circulation and reducing inflammation. With regular use of a red light therapy lamp, potential benefits may include: enhanced skin health (great for post-surgery scarring), management of swelling, pain reduction and improved mobility.

To take a look at the red light therapy lamp I use for my Lipedema, click here.

Red Light Therapy for Lipedema


The final part of my Lipedema toolkit is supplements. I use over the counter supplements to help manage my Lipedema symptoms and contribute to overall vitality. Studies have shown that vitamin C is positive in Lipedema management and care due to its “biochemical antioxidant, anti-inflammatory action and support for collagen synthesis.” The vitamin C supplements I take are linked here.

I also take collagen supplements every day, not only for Lipedema, but to maintain my hair, skin and nails. Lipedema is defined as a ‘connective tissue disorder’ and collagen is the foundation of strong connective tissue. If you have a lot of volume taken during Lipedema reduction surgery, or lose a considerable amount of weight, you’ll want to keep your skin as firm as possible and collagen helps with this. Click here to view the collagen supplements I take.