Lipedema Reduction Surgery with Lipemedical

Lipedema is a chronic condition that affects around 10% of women, causing an abnormal buildup of fatty tissue in the legs, hips, bum and sometimes arms. After struggling with this condition for 17 years, I decided to undergo Lipedema Reduction Surgery (LRS) to improve painful symptoms and my mental health. 

After months of thorough research, I chose Lipemedical in Madrid because of their expertise and reputation in the Lipedema community. I’ve decided to share a detailed account of my experience.

Pre-Op Care

The initial video consultation with Lipemedical set the tone for my entire experience. Dr Hernández was incredibly professional and thorough, taking the time to explain the procedure. She asked me an array of questions about my history and symptoms so she could provide a diagnosis and ensure I was a suitable candidate for surgery. 

The pre-surgery instructions were clear and comprehensive, covering everything from blood tests to what to expect on the day of the surgery. This level of detail helped ease my anxiety and made me feel confident about my decision.

Hospital Stay

Arriving at Hospital Universitario San Francisco de Asís, I was impressed by the facilities and the warm, welcoming environment. The room was comfortable, well-equipped, and the staff were attentive. Luckily I did a degree in Spanish, so the language barrier wasn’t too much of an issue, even though I am a bit rusty these days.

On the day of the surgery, I was briefed on the procedure and met with my surgeon, who reassured me and made sure I was comfortable with the whole process. The surgery itself went smoothly, I asked Dr Hernández to be very extreme with her removal – she extracted a whopping 5.8 litres from my lower legs!

Lipedema Reduction Surgery - Before and After


The immediate post-surgery results were encouraging. Despite the expected swelling and bruising, I could already see a difference in my calf shape. 

The first 10/11 days of recovery in Madrid were quite challenging but overall manageable, renting a wheelchair for the first few days really helped me get out of the apartment with my mum. The visual and physical changes became more apparent as the weeks and months went by.

Immediately before and after Lipedema surgery

Post-Op Follow Up

The one negative I have is the follow-up care I received from Lipemedical. There was a Spanish holiday taking place when I was due to have my follow-up appointment before travelling back to the UK, however I was told there was no staff available to see me. This was a bit disappointing as I’d seen so many other women have follow-up appointments.

The team did check in regularly and asked for photo updates to ensure my recovery was on track, but I would have preferred for my surgeon to sign me off before coming home. Especially as I was travelling by plane. Since returning back to the UK, Lipemedical have not contacted me to see how I’m doing, I did think they might have, but Dr Burgos does engage with me on my Instagram account.

Having MLD massages in Madrid and wearing compression garments was crucial for the healing process, and I was given specific guidelines on how to manage my activity levels and gradually return to my normal routine. The support from the Lipemedical team was good, they were available to address any concerns or questions I had on WhatsApp in the first few days post-op.

Overall Opinion 9 Months Post-Op

Reflecting on my decision to have Lipedema Reduction Surgery with Lipemedical 9 months ago, I can confidently say that it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The long-term results have been life-changing, with significant improvements in the physical appearance, symptoms and my mental health.

The reduction in pain and heaviness has allowed me to get back to activities I carried out before my Lipedema progressed to stage 2. I do recommend Lipemedical to anyone considering Lipedema Reduction Surgery. Their professionalism, results, expertise and compassionate care have made a profound impact on my quality of life.

9 months post Lipedema Reduction Surgery

My Review of Lipedema Reduction Surgery with Lipemedical

My experience with Lipemedical has been, for the most part, overwhelmingly positive. From the initial video consultation to the care I received in hospital, the process was handled with utmost care and professionalism. 

If you are considering Lipedema surgery, I encourage you to do thorough research, consult with qualified professionals, and choose a reputable clinic like Lipemedical. Click here to take a look at our global directory of Lipedema surgeons with verified reviews. This journey has not only transformed my body, but has changed my life in so many ways. 

Disclaimer: My blogs talk about Lipedema, diet, surgery and much more. I’m talking from my point of view to help women, and remind them they are not alone. I am not a medical professional, so the content above is from my own perspective with research I have done into the topic. It’s not meant as medical advice, you should always consult your doctor or a specialist for both your diagnosis, and a treatment plan.

2 thoughts on “Lipedema Reduction Surgery with Lipemedical”

  1. Really interesting piece and great to hear/see an actual experience of this surgery. My only observation is there is no mention of cost – not necessarily a specific figure, but a ballpark to the nearest thousand would help. For some people (like me) this surgery is probably out of reach financially, but it would be helpful to know a figure to aim for.
    Lipoedema has disabled me, both with the pain I experience and the heaviness which limits what I can do. We need more awareness of this disease which is primarily present in women 😞

    1. The surgery itself was €5575 (I think the price has gone up slightly now), but in total I spent around £9k. This includes the surgery, pre-op tests, MLD massages, compression garments, medication, flights and accommodation. I hope this helps!

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